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East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Except the girl's story who was introduced in this book. At least in this book I don't have to deal with the God awful made up Carpathian language that she is ruining the Dark books with. She raised her ass and it was evident she was fingering her pussy which must be aroused and swollen and wet. I raised my hands to hold on to Dan's hips and starred at his enormous cock bobbing inches from my watering mouth.

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I was gifted a copy of this via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review View 2 comments. Jul 05, Linda rated it it was ok. I should have listened to Mara about this: The story basically went like this: Our shadows merge. You will be mine. But I'm nobody and you're rich and gorgeous and have had so many beautiful women. Don't argue with me. You are the one for me. But there are bad guys after me.

And I need to be independent. Fuck independence. I will protect you and you will obey me. Ooh, you're so hot when you boss me around. Fuck, yeah. I know you I should have listened to Mara about this: I know you love it. Stop saying fuck and just fuck me. The details and background about shadow riders--which actually could have been interesting--were only lightly sprinkled into the story.

Two stars because I didn't hate the book, merely found it tedious.

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View all 7 comments. Francesca is on the run from a very powerful man. She lost everything thanks to him, her home, and reputation. Stefano Ferraro is a shadow rider, a person able to ride shadows, traveling undetected, and endowed with other psychic gifts.

When Francesca gets to his town, penniless and frightened, he immediately senses her presence and intense pull. It was almost like the absolute pull mates have in shifter stories, which kind of applies here, too; that powerful bond resulting partly from the paranormal aspect of their relationship. Shadow Rider is a page book, so it was a hefty amount, but once I did the story was quite steamy and addictive.

Although, I must admit, Stefano kept dibs on Francesca for protection, and she definitely needed it! She was in danger at every turn. This was a great introduction into the world of Shadow Riders! My heart aches for what that poor girl went through!

A copy was kindly provided by Jove in exchange for an honest review. View all 16 comments. May 19, Mei rated it liked it Shelves: Review in few pics Bad guy Our hero Who will enjoy this book? Those who: So, I liked the idea of the mafia-like new society with awesome ability of shadow riders and their helpers. It was very well done and I enjoyed finding out how that works.

What I didn't enjoyed very much is the relationship between H and h. For me it was too much unbalanced where H had an absolute power over the h, even in what she wears and who she talks to and how she behaves!!!! It would be OK if we were reading about medieval times, but we're in the present!

Too much is too much!!! Then we have their sexual relationship that, as I already said, were bordering on DS that is not a favorit of mine, and, obviously I didn't enjoyed it even if the heroine enjoyed it very much! So, I'll rate this as a 3 stars, but since I'm curious to find out what happens next with all his brothers and sister, I'll be reading the next book!

View all 36 comments. Jul 29, MelissaB rated it really liked it Shelves: After my issues with how Feehan has taken her Dark series off a cliff the past few years, I was reluctant to try this new series of hers but with my Apple refund burning a hole in my Amazon pocket, I figured why not.

I was mostly pleasantly surprised. The story kept me entertained and I enjoyed it overall. There were some small issues, I felt the heroine's friend came off very immature and made me feel like Feehan is pretty out of touch with young people of today. But overall, I enjoyed the stor After my issues with how Feehan has taken her Dark series off a cliff the past few years, I was reluctant to try this new series of hers but with my Apple refund burning a hole in my Amazon pocket, I figured why not.

But overall, I enjoyed the story and will be trying the next book. At least in this book I don't have to deal with the God awful made up Carpathian language that she is ruining the Dark books with. View all 3 comments. Jun 28, Lover of Romance rated it it was amazing. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Stefano Ferraro has always been able to get access to fast cars, women with zero commitment, and keeping his family secret from everyone apart from those closest to the family.

Stefano has always known duty and honor, he lives up to what is expected from him. But he is keeping a secret, a secret that allows him to seek justice for those that the law is unable to protect. Stefano has everything he could want or atleast in the vi This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Stefano Ferraro has always been able to get access to fast cars, women with zero commitment, and keeping his family secret from everyone apart from those closest to the family.

Stefano has everything he could want or atleast in the view of the public except one thing, a woman to love and a family. He dreams of finding the one woman for him, that will match him and be his in every way. Until one day he catches a woman's laugh, a stranger who has just come to town. Shaking from the cold, weak from hunger and hiding from her past, Francesca Cappello isn't ready for this stranger who intimidates her in every way possible, but makes her feel safe.

Francesca has had it pretty rough, and doesn't trust anyone except her close friend who brought her to Chicago. She doesn't trust especially men with money, especially those that have it easy like the Ferraro family. But soon Francesca has gained the attention of dark and dangerous Stefano and doesn't know if she has what it takes to handle him The Hero Stefano Ferraro is one of the few shadow riders left in the world.

He is the oldest brother, and will do anything for his siblings. Each of them are shadow riders, and went through rigorous and for some horrible training. Their family has a great legacy, one that isn't easy to live up to. Stefano is the toughest of them all, he is the leader and he has made it his life's mission to protect his family.

He has dedicated his whole life since he could walk to being a shadow rider, protecting the innocent, and seeing to his family's needs. He does what is necessary and doesn't apologize for actions he has had to commit. Stefano isn't a easy hero, but he is a hero you want by your side.

He is tough, intimidating and pretty scary at times. He is alpha male, but is patient when he needs to be. He can be intense but is loyal and devoted once he commits!! I really liked this hero quite a bit, much more than the more recent ones that Feehan has created. The Heroine Francessa Capello has had a rough time of it lately.

Her parents were killed when they were younger, and she only had her sister. They took care of each other. But then her sister was murdered and the man to blame, has power, police and the law behind him. He has destroyed everything she worked for, and has to be living on the streets to stay one step ahead of him. But now she has a fresh start, somewhere new and hoping to have time to gather what she needs to fight him to get justice for her sister.

What she doesn't expect is to be bull dozed over by the most compelling man she has ever met, Stefano. She fears what he is a part of, but can't deny the magnetism, or the sizzling chemistry she feels for him or how safe he makes her feel when he is close. What a heroine this one turned out to be.

Probably one of my favorites that Feehan has created. She has some issues to work through, especially when it comes to self confidence, however she has her own strength and I like how sassy she becomes with Stefano and stands on her own feet. She doesn't let the fear control how she handles him. We see her become stronger throughout the story and I liked seeing her inner strength come shining through.

Christine Feehan has done it with this one and I fell in love with so many aspects of this story. Before reading it, I had browsed a few ratings and reviews just to get an idea of what to expect but all I heard were positive things about this new series!! I will admit I was a bit nervous to read this one. Mostly because the past two books from this author I have read, the heroes I had a hard time with, they were jerks and I couldn't stand how they treated their women.

However this book completely blew me away!!! First off, the world-building is pretty wonderful. It is still full of mystery and intrigue but I loved what Feehan has shown us so far. This book pulled me in with the first page and I couldn't put it down!! So compelling and I loved the chemistry between these two.

I did like that they didn't have sex until half way, it really built it up just right!! Now the heat is pretty high, and some scenes weren't my favorite. Frankly, I skimmed over those parts, since I didn't feel the need to read them but many will enjoy how Feehan did these scenes.

I loved each and every sibling. They each are a bit different, have unique personalities. The sister was my favorite though, she is kick ass but I have a feeling she has quite a few vulnerabilities we haven't seen yet. What is so wonderful about this family is the way they protect each other, watch over one another and support each other in ways that is mind boggling.

Seriously, this family almost brought me to tears. All of them have been through hell of training, and each suffer the scars from the past, but they are strong and hilarious at times. What was most admirable is the way they look out for Francesca. The moment that Stefano finds her, they treat her as their own. It really creates the perfect setting because Francesca has no family left and they fill that gap she craves.

The actual romance between Stefano and Francesca is beautifully written. I loved the depth and rich tones you feel with these two. Trust that always, always, before any other, I will have your back. I'll keep you safe. I'll make you happy and give you the world. They have some hurdles to cross, but their story is quite tender yet intense at the same time!!

And the bad villain gets his just deserts which I felt was just perfect seeing that. I am curious to see which sibling will be next!! The Cover Interesting, it definitely gives the feels that the book conveys so I do like the shadow effect here!! Overall View Shadow Rider is a thrilling tale that will have you on edge, a romance that is tender and a story you don't want to miss out on!!

View all 5 comments. May 05, Ezinwanyi rated it liked it Shelves: I have taken a long time to think of what to say about this new series. It has potential to be better than it actually was. It has all the necessary tropes to make a great story, rich overbearing alpha male, part of a "powerful" family, damsel in distress, instant attraction, and a sociopath. It added a new element of shadow riding, so instead of your typical mafia family, this family dispenses justice against the bad guys.

Stefano Ferraro and Francesca Cappello are the lead in this first book. T I have taken a long time to think of what to say about this new series. They fall into the cliche relationship roles, the rich man and the poor as a church mouse girl. She needs his protection and he gives it because she is HIS! BUT she is the only one who can tame in the raging beast in him.

What I liked: La Familia! Very steamy! What I disliked: Seriously, too much sex. Even with rapey villains. She isn't stupid, just constantly afraid. She was kind though. If you love Christine Feehan work, the characters are in the same vein as the Carpathians and Ghostwalkers. I will still read book 2 because now that the foundation has been set, there won't be as much world building in book 2.

This story felt really long because the author was establishing the characters so the sequels should move at a faster pace. May 05, Roksana added it Shelves: How many times I am to be reminded of their rich background and how physically beautiful they are? And the heroine's repetitious inner monologue of his manly, sexy looks? Also, the heroine is a doormat and so submissive, she would trade anything just for a kiss and touch!

Not my type of heroine i want to read about That is unhealthy and the way he speaks to her was not sexy nor romantic She shook her head. I read the magazines and you had sex a thousand times with a thousand women. I fucked them because I needed release and I like to fuck. Or know me. Or know anything about me.

None of those women belonged to me. We used each other — that was it. Now after that quote, it even makes it worst. All the thousand women in my head? Then there was that scene with two OW whom the Hero has slept with in the past I am just sick of those manwhores and robbed that it in my face by Feehan or many similar authors for that matter!

Of course, the heroine is not experienced! What world are we living here? Do women have no need for sex, only men have? View all 9 comments. Feehan's Ghostwalkers, that being said I've fallen in love with the Shadow Riders. This series promises to be a refreshing new world full of sexy alpha anti-heroes, strong women and an amazing cast of secondary characters.

Stefano Ferraro is a ruthless alpha who is in charge of his family business, some legal and some not so much. Stefano is the utimate alpha who claims his mate as soon as he finds her and will do anyth DiDi's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews I've always enjoyed Ms. Stefano is the utimate alpha who claims his mate as soon as he finds her and will do anything to protect her.

Francesca Cappello is my favorite type of heroine, she is caring, giving, fiesty and doesn't let the hero run over her. Their attraction and chemistry jumps off the pages, their emotions beautifully written, I fell in love with both of them. I have a strong feeling that the mystery, intrigue, emotions and off the charts chemistry along with the incredible world-building the Shadow series will catapult this series to my favorite of Ms.

Feehan's series. Give Shadow Rider a chance, even if you don't care for paranormal, it's a book not to miss! I could easily see The Shadows series as a movie or TV series. Review copy provided for an honest review. I liked it. I'll probably check out the next book in the series, but not sure if this will end up being something I really get into.

Will have to see. It's often hard to judge by the first book in a series. The premise was interesting - a mortal human who could "ride shadows" and used that power to take out the bad guys. The members of the family must marry another shadow rider to continue the line and they are few and far between.

The h is a shadow rider, but doesn't realize it. When she comes t I liked it. When she comes to Chicago severely downtrodden in a way Diana Palmer would be proud of , the hero sees her and claims her as his. This book answers the question of how you take a Carpathian man and make him an Italian crime boss type.

Have him say 'fuck' a lot and wear a custom made suit. The heroine was a Mary Sue martyr to the extreme. She's one step away from homelessness and gives her ONLY coat to a homeless person during a Chicago winter. Maybe I'm hard hearted, but that seems a bit TOO generous to me. Then the hero forces his expensive coat on her and we get an entire storyline about her worrying about that stupid coat.

At one point a mugger puts a knife to her throat and she can only think that she doesn't want to get blood on the hero's cashmere coat. Not the coat!!! For those interested in that sort of thing. The heroine had one previous, unsatisfying sexual encounter as a teen. Feehan does love her sexual sadists: I saw others who disagreed, so YMMV.

I felt like there was quite a bit of plot and it took a while before they consummated their relationship. Ok so I quite enjoyed this but only in a very popcorn let's read something with not an awful lot of depth, I can't be bothered to think too much sort of way. With it's hot males and submissively cute females and an urban fantasy vibe shadow walkers it was perfectly readable stuff and there are some hot scenes in it, lots of flapping around being dramatic and it was great escapism.

The male lead stomps around being domineering, the woman he falls instantly in love with for no good reason wh Hmm. The male lead stomps around being domineering, the woman he falls instantly in love with for no good reason whatsoever flaps around a bit pretending resistance but very shortly thereafter falls into his arms, mystery abounds, I kind of fell into this book then fell out of it again a bit bemused.

The writing is cool and immersive, if a little repetitive yes I know her hair is lovely and lush and whatever but perhaps she should be more concerned with being told how to dress and it was fun to pootle my way through it, this is a book that you read with chocolate and cupcakes. Will I read the next in the series? Is it the best of this genre I've read? But I liked it.

Which may sound like damning with faint praise but is just exactly the truth. Jan 08, Fre06 Begum rated it liked it Shelves: Francesca was getting annoying with how many times she kept going on about Stefano being gorgeous! Sep 30, Kate's Corner rated it did not like it Shelves: Take this review with a pinch of salt. It is my first book from this author and well maybe at some point in the future I will get round to reading something else of hers.

But not now. The beginning was good where we first meet the Hero, Stefano Ferraro. He is rich, wealthy has a certain entitlement about him. He is also bossy, intimidating and overall in the grand scheme of things, an arsehole through and through. Through pure persistence, stubbornness or blackmail. He is an arse. Yes she is in a tough situation where she has been mentally tormented as well as physically tormented for the past eighteen months.

Let alone she constantly gets distracted by his jaw, his voice, his eyes, his stubble, his eyebrows. She is steamrolled by Stefano any chance she gets and well in the end she should have said yes sir, no sir, may I wipe me arse sir? The constant Stefano naming all the time. And her best friend seems to be a complete airhead.

Only interested in how rich and how exciting it is to have the attention of such an uberwealthy man and his family. Besides all the celebrities that she gets to meet. Another point I would like to mention is how rich and insanely good looking all the family is, even the cousins. Really bad remake, I was missing the hand kissing and the Don and it would have been perfect.

I need my characters to have some flaws although personality wise they are all shite. Where is the plot in the story admittedly from what I read not a lot happened apart from things being repeated by the author in an attempt to grab us with her fantastic storytelling in hopes that we forget that there is very little paranormal plot to the book. More depth would have been nice.

A back story maybe? Anything to be honest. Or Stefano God how I hate that name is angry at everything the heroine included or hard at really the most importune moments or that the heroine is constantly steamrolled in this situation and every situation. Please do not let me forget the otherworldly presence that are the Ferraro family. They enter a building and everyone stops talking, everyone all at the same time and then they whisper about them and how intimidating they are.

Threesomes, Foursomes, you name it they do it. I think it is a primitive take on the whole mate thing and it is terrible. View all 8 comments. There are several reasons why tropes exist, and all of them are good. Mostly they exist because people find comfort in the familiar. I find this to be especially true for romance readers, including myself.

I want new stories, yes, but I also want to know what to expect. The very best romance authors understand this and use it well. They give us all the formulas we know well and love, but they also weave in their own signature, something th There are several reasons why tropes exist, and all of them are good.

They give us all the formulas we know well and love, but they also weave in their own signature, something that separates them from everyone else. When it comes to paranormal romance, Christine Feehan is a superpower. Her Dark Carpathians novels are all international bestsellers, and there are too many to count. In fact, she embraces them and uses them to their full potential.

In Shadow Rider, the heroine calls herself a damsel in distress and Stefano a white knight on several occasions. I detected a healthy dose of Feehan's self-irony in her words and it amused me to no end. She wants to feel safe, and the best way to achieve that is to turn herself into a doll piloted by a rich, mysterious man.

The second they meet he starts ordering her around, and he orders her right to the altar. I have to give credit to Feehan for creating a unique, thrilling world. They depend on the shadows and move undetected through them to bring justice to those who were abandoned by the system. The families can best be described as super hot, filthy rich, avenging members of the mafia, albeit with the very best of intentions.

There is a sea of potential in this world and I look forward to seeing it fully developed. Of course, Feehan set the foundation for the rest of this series. After all, Stefano has many brothers and even more cousins, all desperate to find that one woman fate has chosen for them. In short, Shadow Rider is the perfect read for romance fans who enjoy smoking hot, overbearing men and heroines that just want to be swept away.

Aug 22, Wanda rated it it was ok Shelves: First, we have our sweet little Cinderella, Francesca, who is barely scraping by. She has escaped from the dangers of her previous city with only the clothes on her back and next to no money. Enter the billionaire, Stefano, complete with dark rumours about how he has amassed his wealth.

For me, this book had too much sex, too much controlling, possessive behaviour and not nearly enough plot. This is my second try with this author, and I think I am safe in deciding that her work is just not going to appeal to me. An interesting new series for Christine Feehan readers.

With everything going on, it took me a long time to finish it. I read most of it on the way home from Illinois when we got back from my grandmother's funeral. I was really sucked in at that point. Cool idea. I'd give the idea definitely over a four star. The story overall is more like a three and a h An interesting new series for Christine Feehan readers. The story overall is more like a three and a half.

I think it's me. I am not into the mafia vibe. There was a pervasive mafia feel to this book I didn't enjoy. The lead character, Stefano seems like a mafia don, a man of infinite power and who is infinitely adored. But he's in a violent world and capable of extreme violence. I think if there was no paranormal elements, this simply would have been a crime romance about made men in Chicago.

It was creepy who everyone bowed down to Stefano and his family and was constantly telling Francesca how lucky she was to be the apple of his eye. I think I would want to get the heck out of there. It could be what's going on right now in the country that has me sensitive to a lot of Kool-aid drinking, but that was a turnoff for me. The other thing that bothered me was so controlling and rough Stefano was with Francesca.

Now I can't say he was abusive. But he was very clearly always the one in control and expected Francesca to go along with this. I'm not into that whole aspect in which the hero is uber dominant and the heroine is submissive to him in every aspect of their relationship.

Francesca did have a backbone and she was her own person, but I found her too compliant for my tastes. I was kind of meh about Stefano. He was hot looking, with the black hair and dark blue eyes which I really like. I dug how the Ferraros always wore three piece suits and looks damned good in them. But being rich and hot isn't everything. I mean, he's a good guy and takes care of the family and the folks in his neighborhood.

And he doesn't take crap. He puts his enemies down hard. He really lost me when he kept going on about how he needed sex and lots of it, but the women didn't mean anything to him. I can't stand when the hero's sexual past in rubbed in the heroine's face. Francesca kept running into Stefano's vindictive hookups and many excuses were made about how it was a nature of the Shadow Riders, but she was special to him and he adored her.

Then the dude has the nerve to think about hunting down Francesca's first and only lover other than him and killing him. Yes, I like a possessive hero, but not when he's been there done that and gets irritated because the he isn't the first for the heroine. Double Standard Alarm going off. Another thing is how raunchy and rough the love scenes have gotten to be in Feehan's books.

Very much over the line into erotic. I am not against sex scenes, I just get to the point where it's too much for me. Especially when it's about the hero making all the demands the heroine submitting to him sexually. It doesn't do a thing for me. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Sort by. Top rated Most recent Top rated.

Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Format: Paperback All formats Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. Showing of 33 reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

Paperback Verified Purchase. Unlike a short story or novel that you like but may not want to read again, the same cannot be said about a favorite poem. You want to read a good poem again and again. These poems excite me more than any I have read in the last few years.

The title is spot on. Gaynor it seems can write a good poem on practically any subject: It should begin in delight and end in wisdom. And Emily Dickinson came to mind as well which should not be surprising as Mr. Gaynor is a Dickinson scholar. Like the poetry of this great American poet, whom the writer Joe Queenen says we should approach on our knees, Mr.

And we sometimes get a glimpse of eternity. Now to the some of the individual poems and their exquisite imagery: Additionally the book is beautifully laid out as well. There was a problem loading comments right now. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Why are all reviews of this gem of a book five star?

Amazon should list such books apart, its five star only rated gems. As with all books it all starts with the cover. Its images give your eyes a clue. These word descriptions are alive - beyond words. They are windows that reveal the magic of the everyday world. Your world. My world. Its words are but brush strokes sketching out vivid images, moments - beautiful slices of life.

Just enough, like haiku, or Japanese paintings where the open space sets all in balance. Even those poems lacking an ikon leave you with an image just as powerful…. With plenty of open space for you to complete the thought, and realize the situation described is your own.

This is a unique book - and this is a unique writer. The images on the cover, repeated in the poems they're taken from, are enough to tell you that. He is both one with us, and he leads the way: Twenty-first century poet. Jim Gaynor's poetry is the voice of the man who lives down the hall from us. We see him walking his dog, a book tucked under his arm, or catch him coming home maybe with a shopping bag and maybe, with some trophy from some urban adventure.

Are we not that bit more open to life after reading Gaynor's poetry? If we recognize ourselves in his poems, that is no bad thing. We are all the better for it. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This insightful, delightful, delirious and mysterious book of poems was recommended to me by a trusted friend. She was not mistaken. Each poem takes the reader into a situation that resonates personally, as well as describes a common human condition.

There is humor one line of "My Last Boyfriend" drew a spontaneous guffaw and melancholy. There is love in many forms, including the irony of laugh-because-I-must-not-cry. And under it all one can still sense the poet's appreciation of everything in life, despite the sorrow, because "everything becomes a poem".

Hardcover Verified Purchase. I love this book. It is a poetic smorgasbord whose diverse offerings are sure to satisfy all poetic appetites. This is an amazing collection. I read it cover to cover in one sitting—it was like listening to a great pop CD.

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Adult Mainstream Then the hero forces his expensive coat on her and we get an entire storyline about her worrying about that stupid coat. I was mesmerized and excited. When I did, he replied telling me how sexy I looked and asked for another picture a long focus shot. The details and background about shadow riders--which actually could have been interesting--were only lightly sprinkled into the story. Let's go upstairs to the bedroom. He pulled apart and led me to the bed and said: I knew he was an old goat, but I felt myself drawn towards that cock.

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View all 3 comments. The title is spot on. He was also wiry, obviously older with a very big cock with a huge mushroom head. Take a deep breath and smell it. I am not against sex scenes, I just get to the point where it's too much for me. I'm scared of the pain.

I was still in a daze from all the sexual excitement of the previous day, but resolved not to repeat what i had done. While their criminal activity is simply a rumor yet to be proven, no one knows the real truth.

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