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As with the Rialto Report, adult film stars Annette Heinz would somtimes leave comments for a particular post. Teens Take It Big 5. Tia Cyrus Banging Hard. Virgin Brides. My First Training Bra 2.

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A lovely hour with a lovely man presented by two lovely people. Eric, Gloria Leonard and Jennifer Welles should be doing the autograph circuit. Traci Lords will be there too. You get to meet fans and make money too. They are all over the country. My heart breaks to hear some of those stories, but I commend him for his strength and courage.

I met Eric via Shaun Costello and the Kariofilis brothers. He was working with Andrea True at the time. It was a very, very different time. So different that we all thought ha ha…. Never happened. I wonder if the heavier mob influences in adult directed that — along with the Great Move to California, which changed everything.

Eric was a nice guy, a gentleman. Easy sense of humor that remember him using with Sonny Landham. More interesting for future generations will be Eric going to Baylor, Jamie Gills graduating from Columbia University et al. Not the gutter our present culture would like you to believe these men emerged from…but following another poster here, please seek out King Paul…..

Eric Edwards Rob Everett provided the best interview I have heard in a long time. Thank you Ashley West and co-presenter, Laura Helen Marks for your graciousness in handling all the twists and turns of his story with dignity.

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Eric you were so respectful and tasteful as you shared even the most painful moments.

You remained so positive throughout the discussion and never lowered yourself to finger pointing even during the most difficult subjects. I was deeply touched by your story; I laughed, I was surprised, I blushed a little , I found much to admire about your work and ethics and I cried at times due to a heartfelt sadness and other times from the joy of your victories.

I have a tremendous amount of admiration for you, Eric, and I am sending positive healing energy to you and your family. Godspeed and peace. Ann Chere. Such a compliment coming from an apparently caring and sensitive woman. Doing this interview was a real catharsis for me. You seem to be a sensitive person and I would love to communicate with you if you wish.

You can contact me at: Eric — so many people are talking about this interview; it seems that your humility and sensitivity has knocked people out. The interview was tremendously moving. And thanks to the Rialto — for this incredible series of interviews. They should be in the Library of Congress! I have no idea what ever happened to Kimberly Carson but it was reported that Susie Kretlow Jesie was still looking great and living in Cali and that Rosalind Lowe Gina was living in Colorado with her family.

I wonder if King Paul is still alive? From what I have heard, Kimberly Carson not her real name became a Veterinarian somewhere. I wish her the best. It was always a joy to work with her. Thanks for the Kimberly update Eric! What was it like performing with Gina Valentino? I remember you did a scene on a pool table with her.

I remember reading in Gina shot her boyfriend? As someone mentioned earlier, this IS indeed a gold standard interview. Thanks for all that you do, and thanks also to Mr. Edwards for your work and for being so open and honest in this amazing interview.

One of my favorite shows ever interviewing one of my favorite actors ever. A dream combination. It makes me so happy to see an artist like Edwards get such a respectful and well researched interview. Primo work from both Ashley and Laura. Thank you both and thank you, Eric, for doing this interview and for being such a stellar and solid artist. Very emotional. Have you seen this review of the show?

It nails why you guys are so successful: Victoria only appeared in a few films but was in the classic film Bad Girls. She appeared in just about every mens mag there was in Victoria was dressed as a ballerina and Eric and R Bolla have all 4 girls at once that were in the ballet class.

I believe you were talking about the film, Indecent Exposure, but I may be wrong. I had a lot of fun making that one! I think that was when I first fell in love with Arcadia and her grapes! Now I can go out and find the DVD, thanks! What an interview. These survivors of the early era of porn have some fascinating stories to tell. Such a moving interview.

Edwards, you have my respect and my wishes for a thousand tomorrows. To everyone who has given me such great compliments, thank you. So much so, that I have been enticed to write a book about my years in this business by a beautiful writer, Heather Drain, whom you will notice has commented slightly above these comments.

Together, we have begun collaborating on a highly unusual book that I hope you shall enjoy. Look for it early next year. We are still working on a title, but you will all know soon enough. Love to all—the women and the men in the world who have enjoyed my contributions to the adult film industry. Thanks for stopping by — especially with this excellent news. With Heather as your co-pilot, this will be a book that we at the Rialto Report will be eagerly anticipating!

Rob — this is fabulous news. My congratulations to you as you are an American original and you truly deserve to have your story told in the form of a book. I loved this episode and have listened to it countless times, and it never fails to move me. So happy to hear this! You have lived and worked longer than any body else in the industry: The Rialto strikes again!

Did the inspiration for the autobiography come from this show? Thank you all for your support. Yes, I have launched myself into writing a book about my life, with the help of my partner, Heather Drain. It shall be a totally unique and unusual format coming from two different points of view, but it will include all of my memories of those early days, and also including some of my personal photos and memorabilia, never before published.

Hey, at least it gives me something to do in my retirement!!! Thanks to all of you for being such loyal fans………… E. Eric Edwards was the Warren Beatty of porn. I think my favorite scene was Eric with the sexy and beautiful Tamara Longley on a lounge chair by a pool. Though Tamara was thin she had an amazing pair of legs with very big calves. Her and Eric looked great together.

Did Eric ever do a scene with Crystal Breeze? Just finished listening — another EPIC interview! You can hear the expertise, research, preparation and love that went into this. Big thanks to Eric as well for being so open and willing to share the good an less good parts of his astounding life and career. He sounds like a real gentleman and I wish him all the best.

From the interview it was not clear that EE ever married Kathi2. I know that some of the loves in my life have been confusing, but let me set the record straight on this one… Kathie 1 later to become Chris Jordan and I were married for 10 years, before she succumbed to breast cancer. During that period, at a summer stock theater, I was doing a show without her and met another Kathy 2— notice the different spelling.

Even though Kathie and I were swingers, I accidentally fell in love with Kathy 2 during a three-month run of shows. Since I was in love with both of them, my wife Kathie , suggested that Kathy 2 move in with us, and we had a rather unusual three-way marriage for about a year or so. I hope that clears up your confusion.

Indeed it does. Thanks so much Eric for your reply. I have loved all of the interviews and content so far but this one, with Eric Edwards, has stayed with me. It is moving and emotional and fun and interesting all at once. Kudos to everyone involved. The Rialto Report is the best place to change their minds.

Wow, absolutely amazing. He really seems like a gentleman and a scholar. Back when porn actors were actually actors, and not just prostitutes-on-film. Here are 10 you don't have. Please do not send inquiries on where to purchase a movie. If there is no link, the movie is unavailable, and in all likelihood, is out of print. A Slut Like Mom. Adventures In Deep Throating. After School Special.

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