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I likey! A doctor who was allowed to treat her naturally, a doctor who believed in her as much as we did, and it worked. Parodied in the short story Deja Vu All Over Again by Scott Jamison, wherein Akane is given a magical amulet which will take her back to the day she met Ranma so she can make sure their relationship gets off on the right foot — only to discover that a similar amulet has been given to every other girl chasing him as well when they all show up within minutes of each other. Nobody seems to have any answers, but we're none of us very pleased. Hogyoku ex Machina is a Bleach fanfic that offers a few twists from the usual Peggy Sue premise.

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Richard says, "Change your destiny, marry me. Later, when Peggy Sue wakes up in again, in the hospital, we must ask ourselves, was this just a dream? No, it wasn't, because Charlie shows her a book classmate Michael had given her, a book he wrote, that he dedicated to her, based on a one magical night they had together, which had not happened the first time through.

During the "dream", she had suggested he write a book based on that night. Thus, the movie answers, at least for Peggy Sue, the question of doing it all over again. In the end, she still did the same thing, but the future somehow looked brighter for her and Charlie. The right conclusion, I think, because it has become well-established that "nature" is more important than "nurture" in forming our adult tendencies.

It was fun seeing all the fine actors, most before their prime. Nick Cage real name Nick Coppola , who plays Charlie, was 22 and in his 9th film, but the first with a featured role. Joan Allen was an old 30, playing a high schooler, in her first theatrical film, and 9 years before her defining role in Nixon as Pat.

And then there was Sofia Coppola, 15, who played Peggy Sue's little sister, in her 7th film. Had she either been attractive, or a good actress, she might not have become a director Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation. I was a teenager in the 60s, and this film for me is nostalgic, especially hearing all the original songs from that time.

My only complaint about the movie is Nick Cage's voice. Something about it at age 22 made it very irritating to listen to. Now that he has grown up, I find his voice much more pleasant. Had he not been the director's nephew, I doubt that he would have gotten the role of Charlie.

Overall I rate this one "8" of I like it a lot. This movie has a lot going for it. First, there's a superb acting by both Turner and Cage. Both embody the 60s.

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The cars, settings and attitudes are fully representative of the era and bring back memories of a seemingly simpler time.

But, in this movie, things are complicated by the culture of a later period. I found this movie enjoyable and thought-provoking. It is fun, also, to see Jim Carrey in what must have been his first or nearly so role. The mannerisms and cartoonish characteristics that would make him a super-star are evident. In this movie there is character, with one theme about how people treat others, especially thoise of us with personality or other challenges.

Good stuff. I can't remember anybody who didn't like this movie when it came out just over 20 years ago. It was very popular, and justifiably so. It had a lot of charm to it and romance, comedy and time-travel seem to be a good mixture. Also, it had an intriguing premise and made us think about it. If you could go back in time, knowing what you know now, would you do it and what would you do?

I'm not talking short periods like in "Groundhog Day" which was done seven years after this film but if you could do it ALL over, from a certain point, like high school. Anyway, it's fun to think about. Nicholas Cage and Kathleen Turner were fun to watch.

If you view this film today, be prepared to be shocked how young Cage - and Jim Carrey - look in here. Turner isn't so shocking only because today we don't see her in films regularly as we do those two guys. In fact, Turner was a big star in the '80s and most people remember her looks from that period, beginning with "Body Heat" She is the star of this film, too.

When I last watched this, in the late s, I found it wasn't as good as I remembered, but it still has a lot of charm and sentiment to it. It's nothing super, but it is more-than-decent entertainment. It helps to be fascinated by time travel, which I am. I had forgotten this was a Francis Ford Cappola-directed film, which is a bit of a shock because most of us associate him with "The Godfather" films and "Apocalypse Now," not some fantasy-romance-comedy.

However, it comes together a little more when you realize Cage was his son. Cappola also finds a small role in here for his young daughter Sophia. If you are a film buff, you'll be shocked at all the familiar faces in this movie, from veteran actors like John Carradine to a young Helen Hunt.

Check out the names in this cast! If you haven't seen this film, you owe it to yourself. I'm not saying it's terrific, but it's definitely worth your while not just for the actors but the thought-provoking subject matter. In this time travel spin a woman Peggy Sue at her high school reunion has a heart attack and while lingering between life and death, is transported back in time to her high school days.

Peggy Sue knowing that her boyfriend Charlie will turn out rotten after she marries him, is determined not to repeat the same mistakes of the past. While doing this she learns about Charlie that she never knew and ends up falling in love with him all over again. I really enjoyed this film and it shows that Peggy Sue with all her future knowledge and superior attitude is still unable to change what originally occurred.

FordPrefect 5 November If you have seen Back to the Future you may think this Francis Ford Coppola film is a bit of a knock-off, at least that's what I thought. But then I watched it. The beginning is fairly normal, Peggy Sue Kathleen Turner goes to her high school reunion and is complemented by her peers, even though she feels her life is a wreck because of her cheating husband.

She wishes she could "go back and do things differently", and when she wins the title of class queen, she faints, and wakes up in She soon realizes she actually does have the chance to make some changes in her life, and starts out trying to break up with her boyfriend whom she will marry in the future, Charlie Bodell, played by Nicolas Cage.

But she keeps falling for him, even though she experiments with going out with the town poet, treats the class nerd better and asks for his help in getting back to her time, and tries to develop a better relationship with her sister. In the end, she gets back to her time to realize not much has changed, and she ended up marrying Charlie.

But now she realizes she can't go back and merely fix her past problems, she needs to work them out with herself and her family. The entire film is very entertaining and feels a bit like Back to the Future, only less flashy and more serious. I enjoyed all of it, but a part near the end, involving Peggy Sue's grandfather and his lodge friends sending her to , is very strange and a bit out of place.

All of the actors do a great job with their roles, Kathleen Turner received an Oscar nomination, but I think Nicolas Cage does the best job. It's hard to tell if his character is genuinely in love with Peggy Sue, or if it is just a teenage infatuation, but in the end he tells her how much he wants them to work things out. Some people may find his voice strange and annoying, but I found it at times funny and sad, and it made his character seem just like the adolescent he is.

He gives a truly Oscar worthy performance. Overall, Peggy Sue Got married is an excellent drama with some great comedic moments. Francis Ford Coppola deserves credit for taking a story that could have been a rip-off of Back to the Future and turns it into a great story about love and life.

I highly recommend this film and hope it becomes a bit more well known. This movie just keeps getting better and better bs 11 November Kathleen Turner has never been better than she was in those film. A much more touching time travel film than Back to the Future -- Turner's character an unhappy middle-aged woman has the chance to re-live her high school days and do things differently only to end up making the same mistakes she made before.

Turner is a gifted comedienne who has the ability to convey the pathos underneath the comedic layer. Nicholas Cage is grating at first but the character grows on you after awhile. A then unknown Jim Carrey has a small role as does Joan Allen. Francis Coppola may have just been a director-for-hire on this film but he is never an uninteresting director.

Look closely he adds many small touches to the film. I especially liked a scene where Barbara Harris as Peggy Sue's mother is having her jewelry appraised when Peggy Sue walks into the house. Mom lies to Peggy Sue and tells her the man is taking an election poll then tells Peggy Sue she will vote Democratic in The scene is never explained any further but it is interesting to note that was the very beginning of the women's movement.

Perhaps Mrs. Kelcher is beginning to see that there is a life outside of being a housewife and mother. She wants to but is afraid to assert her independence. Hence the jewelry appraiser. Since Mrs. Kelcher has no skills outside of the house it is comforting for her to know that should it come to it she would be able to support herself temporarily by selling her jewelry.

Her nest egg so to speak should she decide to leave the nest. A wonderful film with a relatively simple but very effective premise GusF 29 December I saw this film for the first time two or three years ago and was decidedly underwhelmed. Kathleen Turner is excellent in the title role, playing the world weary year-old Peggy Sue who finds herself in the body of her year-old self to perfection.

Nicolas Cage, the nephew of the director Francis Ford Coppola, is every bit her equal as her future husband Charlie. This is a very successful example of nepotism, something for which the Coppola family is well known. In recent years, he's become almost a parody of himself and has starred in some awful films but this is one of his best ones.

The film has a very strong supporting cast with the exception of Sofia Coppola, a less successful example of nepotism. What's really interesting about it is that it features three actors Cage, Jim Carrey and Joan Allen near the beginning of their careers who went on to bigger things in major or supporting roles and lovely cameos from three elderly actors Leon Ames in his final film, Maureen O'Sullivan and John Carradine at or near the end of theirs.

The premise of the film is relatively simple but it's extraordinarily effective, extremely relatable and timeless. We all wonder what it would be like to live our lives over again knowing what we do now and we all wish that we could see dead parents, grandparents, etc. I'd give anything to see my grandparents again.

A woman PEGGY SUE whose husband just left her for some younger woman, goes to her high school reunion, faints, but ends up 25 years earlier in time with friend, family, and her philandering husband as high school boyfriend-in high school! Should she break up with her teen boyfriend-and change her future?

Should she run off with the mysterious beatnik poet??? Or, should she just stay in and discover the Beatles early, invent pantyhose, and make lots of money? Who does Peggy Sue see in ??? The girls in ponytails, shirtwaist dresses, plaid "pedalpusher" shorts not recommended for women with a larger "mom butt" but cute on teens , transistor radios, big plastic pointy cornered eyeglasses A fun nostalgic film.

Turner's character has that bit of mature woman's lite cynicism which keeps this film from getting sentimental EXCEPT where she is comforted by her grandparents. There she doesn't act as a teen, but is the middle aged woman asking her long dead but still loved grandparents for advice! A kind of women's Back to the Future but with no DeLorean needed.

Back to the Future "Romance" canadianct 22 September I consider Peggy Sue Got Married as one of the all time great movies. Kathleen Turner and Nicholas Cage both do a superb job in this one. Reminded me of the kind of great music in "Out of Africa" and even a one song in "Doc Hollywood". It really moves you and you'll never forget where you first heard the songs. I wish that Hollywood would bring out more shows like this I must admit that I'm a nostalgia fan and movies like this one, all the back to the future shows have me fascinated.

Perhaps it's because we often find ourselves daydreaming of the good old days and simpler times The site recounts her first encounter with Holly as 'the thing of which fairytales are made'. It goes on: Maria Elena Holly, who married the musician in August , has for years owned the rights to his name, image and related trademarks, and other intellectual properties, according to a letter sent by her attorney to Gerron's publisher last week.

Buddy Holly's brother, Larry Holley, said 'Peggy Sue' was not the original lyric in the song of the same name. The name Holly originally intended to use was Cindy Lou, Holly's niece. Maria Elena said her husband changed the name to Peggy Sue after Crickets drummer Jerry Allison, who later married Gerron, in July , asked him to because he had a crush on Gerron at the time. Topics World news The Observer.

Pop and rock Buddy Holly. Rarities Memorial Collection. Book Category Commons Portal. The Crickets. The 1st of Sonny Curtis Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Articles with hAudio microformats. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 25 March , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

June 29 and July 1, , Clovis, New Mexico. Billboard [13].

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Retrieved 3 October Had he not been the director's nephew, I doubt that he would have gotten the role of Charlie. Doing It Right This Time: Kathleen Turner is wonderful as the something year old mother of two who is in the process of getting divorced from her husband Nicolas Cage , but gets hurled 25 years into the past when she passes out at her high school reunion. Top 50 Movies of all Time.

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Time and Again by KyLewin: In the end, Shinji changes that parallel universe for the better, gets his taste of happiness, but recognizes he can't take back what he messed up the first time, and winds up back on the beach from EoE with Asuka, wiser, happier, and better-adjusted, but with nothing in the past really changed. Casting and probably some fairly rigorous exercising. Yet another one by a troper! Good stuff.

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