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This shot was taken with a Fujifilm camera, too. Maybe meet there at some time. German 2. Beach time? English Read More. Ask oldswimmer about Playalinda Beach.

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I had heard that Playalinda gets its fair share of creepers; it is so remote and there is no voluntary "beach marshall" program like there is at Miami's Haulover Beach. A girl I met last year at Playalinda had told me a story of how a older male had started to pleasure themselves while near her; the park rangers are stretched too thin to be everywhere all the time.

I think there was another guy who was showing off his half erect member; I'm not sure as I didn't really want to take a second look. There was a nude black couple with bodyboards who played in the small 2ft surf almost the entire time I was there. Their joy and stoke was contagious and occasionally they would let out a hoot after catching a long ride.

I couldn't help but smile and enjoy their pure joy. They were having the most fun of everyone on the beach by far. The cool temperature of the ocean or the rain didn't phase them one bit. After an hour of on and off rain with no sunshine at all, I called it a day. I had places to be and commitments to keep. It was refreshing to see so many couples at the beach.

I thought Playalinda would be mostly older gay men. Great report thanks for sharing the experience. You didn't need the photo particularly since it is from a voyeur site and has their copyright. I don't pay attention to source or watermarking much especially on mobile. I've edited the photo is that pleases the court and jury.

Just saying it was such good report so descriptive and detailed that it stood on it own without any image being needed you created all the imagery with your writing. The image with the big watermark from that site distracting IMO from a great report. Not judgement implied just observation.

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Yeah, 21 M here. I recently moved away from that area.

I lived maybe 20 mins away. Went there a lot. Last time i went, people were nice but some creep dudes. Stay away from straying too far off from the boardwalk. I'm straight and got hit on by a couple dudes. Beatiful beach but just be wary and safe: It does seem to be a lure for creepy old dudes, but don't let them spoil it for you. I've always gone alone and just ignore any creeps.

You pretty much have to go out of your way to be offended, but if such activities typically offend you, don't go. It's important to note that Florida law doesn't allow nudity in public places. There is a Brevard County ordinance against nudity on the books, but it goes mostly unenforced at Playalinda. The only time authorities are called is if people are acting lewd, reckless, or endangering others.

But those who are merely seeking a tan lines-free tan need not worry. Although, if you're going to go nude, it's best to have a cover-up handy just in case. From Interstate 95, take State Road exit at Titusville. After crossing the Indian River, take a right fork onto State Road and continue east to the beach.

Hours for the Cape Canaveral National Seashore are 6: Beautiful dunes, lots of wildlife and good surf. Recommended for all tourists. I grew up in Titusville and am proud to say Playalinda is my home beach. If anyone finds it happens to stumble across this review, please PM me! Thanks and see you at Playalinda! Miles and miles of beautiful, pristine beach with no hotels, restaurants, trinket shops, or noise other than the wind and waves.

Lots of birds and fishing in the surf seemed popular. No amenities other than rest rooms in the parking lots. Take your own provisions in and out, although if scraps of food are left, it does not take the vultures wery long to find them. The beach at lot 13 does attract nude sunbathers as advertised.

While the county ordinance prohibits this, it was clearly uninforced. Many couples of a variety of ages and one family with a preteen son who enjoyed playing naked in the waves. Probably people from Europe. My wife and I recently each took a vacation day during the week and ventured out to legendary Playalinda Beach, lot The previous review is not completely accurate.

Playalinda Beach as a whole is not a nude beach. However, by tradition, the beach at lot 13 is definitely a nude beach. Lot 13 is the last parking lot on northern Playalinda Beach. As soon as we walked over the bridge over the dunes it was very obvious that this was a nude beach. As we found our spot on the beach we were a little nervous for about 2 minutes.

But I was amazed at how comfortable we became and "went native. There were a few younger couples, a few older couples and quite a few men, especially older men, no solo women and no teens or children. There are primitive bathrooms available. It"s a beautiful, clean beach. We plan to go back to the nude section of Playalinda Beach.

It was really fun and no, we didn't get sunburned Everybody minded their own business on the beach. No weirdos. If you have been thinking about trying a nude beach, go for it. Our experience was great. Playalinda has built quite a legendary reputation, but the rumors are not true. It is remote, pristine and beautiful. It has more sea turtle nests than any beach I've ever been on.

The water was clear and we didn't find a single piece of garbage on the beach - save for a snorkle that washed up that was so old it had barnacles growing on it. I found some of the biggest and best sea shells I've ever found on any beach. There are no amenities - pack in all water and supplies, and the bathrooms aren't much more than a port-o-potty.

Even though it is very primitive, we may have found a new favorite beach. This was our first time to this beach and we were not sure how it would go.

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Guess its official you can be naked at 13 and half way to No t-shirt shops or McDonalds lining the beach at Playalinda. There was a nude black couple with bodyboards who played in the small 2ft surf almost the entire time I was there. Many couples of a variety of ages and one family with a preteen son who enjoyed playing naked in the waves. According to the BG map this would be a first for Florida if it is the Mimic. There doesn't seem to be anything here.

The Naked Truth About Florida's Playalinda Beach:

  • Playalinda and Apollo Closed for Gov't Shutdown https:
  • However, by tradition, the beach at lot 13 is definitely a nude beach.
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  • How is the sand down there?
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  • Playalinda is part of the federally-operated Canaveral National Seashore.
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