Aela The Huntress Skyrim Costume Made Modeled Myself

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We then would probably do summer and occasional production runs to stock up. We're pretty happy with how it turned out, but will of course continue to improve it with time. This cherry is beautifully smooth and should resist warping. I may upgrade this later. He's been sharing progress with us all along the way, but seeing it in action is definitely mind melting!

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Now you get to see me shoot a finished one! Happy halloween! My wife and I have zero video editing skills, so you get the raw, uncut version! We love this video showing off our bow and modeled by the talented royalentertainers - New bow! Typical pine 2x4s and plywood didn't quite cut it, as surface textures transfer to the heated pipe and they would warp with time and usage. Just need to finish the final vertebrae, and paint the top limb! Featuring what looks like our Imperial bow, perhaps an early model.

Ivory Forge:

This will give us in depth insight into their performance. I went full disclosure on these because I don't want to negatively surprise anyone. Anyone interested in this piece once finished? Anybody with crowd-funding experience have input? Be the first to know and let us send you an email when Ivory Forge posts news and promotions. Patrons saw ALL progress photos and this photo first; details in comments.

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